By Malcolm Newbery | November 2018

This article follows on from a previous one on the subject of Sourcing Decision Making. But it does so from the perspective of the supplier. It considers what the suppliers want, and how they get it from their customers’ sourcing managers during negotiations, by offering value added services in addition to just manufacturing garments.


My suggestion is that every potential apparel supplier should look at themselves, and be sure they can offer the following added value services, as well as just being a manufacturer


  • I can organise and buy the fabric to your specification
  • I can source trims (accessories)
  • I can organise shipping from my end


but in addition


  • I have a work in progress (WIP) system that can report exactly the status of your order
  • My designers can adapt your ideas for manufacture
  • I have CADCAM systems for pattern making as well as cutting
  • I can manage quality control (QC) to your instruction requirements
  • I have the systems for emails, textile labelling, barcoding etc.
  • I have sophisticated packaging management skills


In total, today’s supplier is saying “trust me; I can take these problems off your hands”


Download the full article [pdf]



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