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Computer systems are vital to modern retailing. Without them, we would be back in the Dickensian era of large numbers of clerks sitting at high desks laboriously compiling ledger books. Even today, some smaller retailers’ only source of management information is sales and stock data manually keyed into a financial ledger system such as Sage.

But how does a retailer decide

• How much it is worth spending on a computer system

• What the cost/benefit trade off calculation is?

• Which system to choose?

• How to manage the implementation?

The choice of any retail computer system should be based around answering the question

• What is it going to do to improve the business
   competitiveness and profitability?


• what does the system software vendor say are its
   features and benefits?


The starting point is to answer the process question; which is

• what parts of my retail business will benefit from

• what functionality is required?


Board, UK

Retail Merchandise Planning advice for a supplier of IT software to the fashion industry (2016]


Fashionizer Ltd., UK

Implementation of a wholesale clothing system customised for the hotel uniform business [2004]

Creation of a business plan for a new ex-stock hotel uniform offer [2003]


Greenwich Group, UK

Merchandise Planning Manager; Implemented new integrated computer systems [1998]


House of Shanghai, China

Integration of website marketing front end with ERP transactions back end [2008]


Liberty PLC, UK

Commercial Director responsible for merchandising and logistics

IT systems Implemented new integrated computer systems store wide [2001 - 2002]

Merchandise Planning Restructured multi-channel planning system [2001]

Supply Chain Decreased warehoue and distribution costs [2001]

Improved own brand supply planning [2000]



Li & Fung, Europe

Advice to the world’s largest sourcing intermediary on how to improve their understanding of the priorities and issues facing their retail customers [2012]


Pelmark, UK

IT Systems: Selection of a system to fit the needs of a B2B wholesaler of promotional clothing [2004]


Prologic PLC, UK

Review of consultancy selling skills for software vendor [2000]


TM Lewin, UK

Supply Chain Review of warehouse replenishment procedures [2004]

IT Systems Epos and head office systems search for this shirt retailer

Merchandise Planning Principles of systems to plan both new and replenishment styles and fabrics for own label retailing [2003]


Wale Adeyemi, UK

Search, selection and Implementataion of wholesale clothing sales, supply and delivery computer system [2002-2003]


Woods Yard, UK

IT selection & implementation [2005]

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